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My horses love it, the young ones as well as the old ones. It makes life easy and it’s incredibly nice to know that they get all their nutrients and lots of good herbs. After riding – or if the horse has special needs – I add some Regulator Complete. My horses’ condition and coat have never been better. 🙂

Tanja Jordan

I chose Regulator Complete over other feeds – mainly because it is adapted to Danish conditions and the daily volume is relatively low … The horses love it and their hooves have become noticeably better, actually the smith commented on it! I am very happy with the product!

― Mia Chemnitz

This herbal mixture and the low content of sugar and starch have given me a healthy and strong horse.

― Christina Sanne Kristensen

Everything you need for your horse in one feed – and it is easy to dose for precisely your own horse. And the horses love it.

― Simone Tolstrup