High performance horses like race horses, event horses, show jumpers and dressage horses perform much better when oil is added to their diet. The horse's body learns to use oil as an energy source, and thus produces less lactic acid in relation to starchy feed, for instance large quantities of grain.

All mammals need fats according to their stage in life:
Ca. saturated fat.
Min. monounsaturated fat.
Max polyunsaturated fat – which is a necessity of life.

With Regulator Complete you will have a combination of palm oil containing both saturated and monounsaturated fat and then oil from rapeseed oil cake and flaxseed is added, which is the polyunsaturated part of the oils in the feed. It is this combination of fat, which is best for your horse.

En træske fyldt med hørfrø og en flaske hørfrøolie

The palm oil that is added to Regulator Complete, is provided by the local Cooperative, co-working with Wilmar International Ltd . The company Wilmar International Ltd. plays a major role in the development of quality products and is responsible for these products being produced in a responsible and sustainable manner.

This means a social responsibility like establishing schools in local areas to ensure children’s education.
Furthermore, Wilmar International Ltd. is a supplier to one of the major food chains in Europe: Unilever.

Inside the EU there are restrictions, preventing import of palm oil from deforestation areas.