When choosing Regulator Complete® supplementary feed for your horse, you get expert knowledge into the bargain. The experts composed Regulator Complete® using the latest knowledge, but you also get longstanding theoretical and practical experience in the horse's nutritional needs. This way your horses get all the best from vitamins to micro and macro minerals and herbs. You are always assured of optimal performance both if you have competition horses, breeding horses, young horses – or just ponies that are nice to have around.

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Achieve perfect feed composition for your horse

Regulator Complete® is composed in such a way that you only need to dose it in combination with quality roughage like hay or haylage and you can even add such extra alfalfa, soybean, soaked beet pulp and / or oil, etc., if your horse is not fully covered with nutrients through roughage.

A horse’s basic diet is roughage. It requires the horse to chew more and the chewing action produces much saliva – and saliva neutralizes the acid in the stomach, reducing the risk of stomach ulcers.

Your horse may need extra protein, extra calories or extra time to chew, but it is often different from horse to horse. Two otherwise quite similar horses may have different energy needs. When you – or an expert – assesses the energy needs of the individual horse, it must always be done with careful observation of the horse’s well-being and feeding status/body condition.

Get a complete overview of the feed guide and the dosing schedule.


Competition horses achieve a higher performance with Regulator Complete®. This feed supplement helps absorbing the nutrients and thus more easily build extra muscle for a better performance.

Created by experts with respect for the horse’s needs

Regulator Complete® is a highly concentrated performance horse feed – which is distinguished by its unique characteristics. The active ingredients in the supplementary feed is selected and composed by specialists in equine nutrition, who have extra focus on the latest knowledge and research. That way you can always be confident and sure that your horse is fully nutritionally balanced in order to achieve success.

Benefits of Regulator Complete®

  • You are guaranteed one of the best composed feed products on the market.
  • This feed is ideal for all types of horses, also competition and breeding horses.
  • You need just one type of food – it makes it easy to feed.
  • It’s easy to feed according to the dosing schedule.
  • Your horse will have a feed with a very low starch and sugar content.
  • Your horse always gets everything it needs – including trace minerals.
  • Your horse’s recovery and performance are improved.
  • Your horse’s digestion system is optimized.
  • Your horse’s immune system is improved.
  • Regulator Complete is anti-inflammatory.
  • You can easily combine with other types of feed, for example, fiber, protein or oil.
  • Regulator Complete® is competitive on the market.

We understand that you may think that choosing the right horse feed can be really difficult, but feel free to ask us. We can assist you in getting the right feed to achieve optimal digestion and thus optimize the well-being for your horse. Please call us at 70 22 06 76.


Regulator Complete® makes your horse able to absorb and utilize all the active ingredients in the feed.
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Wild horses have access to a more varied diet

Regulator Complete® is the multi product that your horse needs. A wild horse living freely in nature can choose which herbs and plants it will eat and at the same time have the opportunity to lick the stones and rocks – and thus meet its needs for the necessary minerals and trace minerals. Our domesticated horses do not have these options. It is therefore crucial that your feed is enriched with everything your horse needs in everyday life.

Anti-inflammatory properties and improved digestion

The herbs, kiselen, the organic minerals and vitamins in Regulator Complete® strengthen the immune system, are anti-inflammatory and create an optimal digestion for your horse. It is crucial in order to absorb and utilize all the ingredients from the horse’s other feed. This enables improved recovery – and consequently also improves the ability to perform.

Without grain and with a very low content of starch and sugar

Horses that have low content of starch in their food also have lower lactic acid levels in the body. This gives the opportunity to achieve higher performance. Regulator Complete® is intelligent feeding, because you can always ensure that your horse gets exactly the optimal dose of vitamins, minerals and trace minerals that cover its needs in relation to the work effort – every day!

When you take part in competitions, shows or inspections, it is also important that the horse is beautiful, muscular and in balance.

Not too fat or too thin. Your horse must give the best possible positive overall impression.
Regulator Complete® is so cleverly designed, and enables you – by observing the horse – to add or remove energy / calories as corn, oil or roughage.

With Regulator Complete® you make sure that your horse is provided with the necessary daily dose of essential nutrients, such as vitamins, minerals and trace minerals. You create the healthiest situation for your horse – also in the time leading up to big achievements.


Regulator Complete® contains no grain. Therefore, the content of starch is extremely low.

Quality does not need to be expensive

You can feed Regulator Complete® together with other pure ingredients like fiber, protein or oil – and of course good roughage – instead of using a diet such as vitamin muesli cereal. If you would like to feed grain, it is very easy to add it yourself. This actually saves you money. A healthy horse and a well-fed horse do not need vet that often. Therefore, it pays off in the end to feed with Regulator Complete®.


The advantage of Regulator Complete® is a healthy horse, which does not need the vet that often.

KER and NRC standards

There are various standards for horses. They give information of nutrients, such as energy, protein, vitamins and minerals.

The US standards KER and NRC are the most used in Denmark.

KER – Kentucky Equine Research

KER norm indicates the horse’s optimal needs. A horse must feel well and be healthy to perform.
Regulator Complete® meets KER standards at the recommended dose and in combination with good roughage.


YouTube video about KER

NRC – National Research Council

NRC norm indicates the horse’s minimum requirements. Here it is about how small a dose the horse can get by with without getting big problems.

Kilde: Pagan, J.D. . The Role of Nutrition in the management of developmental orthopedic disease.

It’s always a good idea to work out a feeding plan.

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What is the difference between supplementary feed and complete feed?

Supplementary feed consists of:
Vitamins, minerals, and protein.

Complete feed consists of:
Vitamins, minerals, protein, and carbohydrate.

That means that carbohydrate/grain is added to complete feed, but not to supplementary feed.

Regulator Complete® is a supplementary feed, ie. without grain and thus very low on starch, which is very good for your horse!