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Tip feeding oil

Tip feeding oil All mammals need fats balanced by conditions Approx. 1/3 of saturated fat. Min. 1/3 monuunsaturated fat. Max. 1/3 polyunsaturated fat, which is a necessity of life. Fats carry the fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E and K through the body and fat … Læs Mere

2 Feb, 2017|Tips|

Tip electrolytes

Tip electrolytes We all know that when the horse is sweating, it needs electrolytes, but is it possible to overdose a horse with electrolytes? Yes, it's a really good question especially on hot summer days. To add a supplementation of electrolytes to the f … Læs Mere

2 Feb, 2017|Tips|

Tip Psyllium Husks

Tip Psyllium Husks Do you keep your horse on a paddock or on a heavily grazed field? Take a look at why it may be a good idea to give the Psyllium Husk.   What is Psyllium Husk? Psyllium Husks for horses consist of dried husk from the plant Plantago P … Læs Mere

2 Feb, 2017|Tips|