Both competition horses, broodmares, stallions, foals, colts, ponies and low maintenance horses.

Detaljeret nærbillede af et smukt brunt heste øje

How do I feed my horse with Regulator Complete®?

It is obviously important to dispense this highly concentrated feed supplement properly. Every day. All year round – even in the summer. Therefore, consult the dosing schedule, which you will find here.

Depending on your horse’s needs and feeding status, you should feed your horse with good quality forage such as hay/wrap daily about 1.5 kg (as dry feed) per. 100 kg horse, which roughly corresponds to approximately 1.75-2 kg hay/wrap per. 100 kg well-fed horse. You may add some more if your horse does not get too fat.

You may even add some soaked beet pulp, fiber pills, alfalfa, soybean, oil or grain. It is important to pay attention to your horse’s calories/energy requirements, even if different horses seem quite similar. Therefore, check your horse’s body condition before assessing its calories/energy needs. It’s always a good idea to get your roughage analyzed and then develop a feeding plan based on this analysis.

Regulator Complete® is composed exactly from the requirements made by top professional horse trainers and riders.

Fodrings tid for brun og hvid hest i en stald

Remember salt!

Salt is easily controlled with Regulator Complete®. Your horse can increase its performance with a perfect salt level in the body. Together with a salt lick it would be good to add a tablespoon of plain cooking salt into the daily dose of Regulator Complete®.

You cannot always be sure that your horse’s salts needs are covered with a salt lick. Performing a mild to moderate work level the horse will increase its performance, because the salt maintains the body’s fluid balance and ensures a normal metabolism – and muscles and nerves to function optimally.

We recommend adding electrolytes when your horse is performing more than moderate work. The horse’s body does not store electrolytes. Horses secrete the minerals in salt, namely sodium and chloride.

Electrolytes are essential for nerve impulse transmission – and keeping muscle functioning properly.
Regulator Complete® does not contain that much salt, because the salt will absorb moisture from the surrounding environment and thus reduce its shelf life considerably.

Tip for you with a picky horse

Do you find that your horse will not – as expected – eat Regulator Complete ®?

A few horses – for one reason or another – do not want to eat Regulator Complete®. Try to mix the daily dose of Regulator Complete with for example wheat bran fiber pellets or soaked beet and green pellets. Another good idea is to moisten Regulator Complete® with apple juice. Then you will succeed.

The advantage is that your horse gets everything it needs every day. Just don’t worry – it is that easy.

Does your horse drink too little when he is going out?

Well … it is the other way round for us humans!

However, water can smell differently from that at home – and the horse refuses to drink.

A good tip is to add apple juice to the horse’s drinking water. It’s actually a really good cocktail when you are at shows or out on long-distance trips. This is how you make sure that your horse gets enough water!

Because you do want your horse to perform optimally … don’t you?

Hest plasker i vandet ved solnedgang

Some good advice

Dental caps and sharp enamel edges may cause difficult masticating, and thereby poor utilization and consequently, emaciation of the horse as well as increased risk of constipation and colic. You should have your horse’s teeth checked twice a year.

Avoid abrupt change in feed, as this will disturb the bacterial population. Change in the amount or type of food can result in constipation, which is one of the major causes of colic. It is recommended that you change feed gradually during a period of 8-14 days for the horse to get used to the new feed – or a change in amount of feed.

Please call – and get the professional advice you need.

Please feel free to call us on 7022 0676 for advice – or if you have any questions!