Give Regulator Complete® to your horse every day, all year round based on the dosing schedule.

You need just one type of food – it makes it easy to feed.

  • Your horse will always get everything it needs – including trace minerals.
  • It will improve your horse’s recovery and boost its performance.
  • It will improve your horse’s digestion system.
  • Feed with Regulator Complete® and provide the healthiest situation for your horse.
  • You can easily mix with other types of feed, for example, fiber, protein or oil.
Mark med høballer ved solnedgang.

Dosing instructions

Horse weightMaintenance/paddock
(0-½ hours riding)
Moderate work*
(½-1 hours riding)
Intense work*
(1-1½ hours riding)
Ekstreme work*
(1½➜ hours riding)
150 kg125 g150 g180 g240 g
200 kg150 g175 g210 g270 g
250 kg175 g200 g240 g300 g
300 kg200 g225 g270 g340 g
350 kg225 g250 g300 g380 g
400 kg250 g275 g330 g420 g
450 kg275 g300 g360 g460 g
500 kg300 g350 g400 g500 g
550 kg350 g400 g450 g550 g
600 kg400 g450 g500 g600 g
650 kg450 g500 g550 g650 g
700 kg500 g550 g600 g700 g
750 kg550 g600 g650 g750 g
800 kg600 g650 g700 g800 g

The weight of the average Icelandic horse is around 350kg

The weight of the average Danish Warmblood is around 600kg.

* Electrolytes are added to the food for ‘maintenance’. Therefore, you have to add some more depending on how hard the horse is working, how much it is sweating or are the days hot and humid.

Remember salt!

Salt is easily controlled with Regulator Complete®. Adding the right amount of salt your horse can improve its performance. How to do that? Your horse must have access to a salt lick and adding a tablespoon of ordinary table salt into your horse’s daily dose of Regulator Complete®.

Read more about adding salt

Teaspoon with salt

Place the dosing schedule on the wall inside the stable

You can download a printable version of the dosing schedule here.


Do you need some more information on how to feed your horse? Take a picture of him/her and post it to us on our Facebook page or call us. See contact information below.