REGULATOR COMPLETE (orig. Team Horse) was established in the 2000s. In 2012 Ingeborg Rahbek Pedersen became one of the owners, and in 2014 she took over the REGULATOR COMPLETE company, because she had a vision for the product Regulator Complete®.

Ingeborg Rahbek Pedersen, born in 1966, has spent a large part of her life amongst horses. First as a teenage girl thing. Later she had to make time for education, children and a career – and at the age of 30 she renewed her interest in horses.

She bought a horse, started pleasure riding, and later on took an interest in equestrian competitions, she began patiently to educate herself and her horse through courses, training modules and practical work, and suddenly she had many horses. Today she has only three young horses, which get all her attention.

Profil billede af ejer Ingeborg Rahbek Pedersen

“I take the time to educate myself and the horses because it requires empathy, timing and good cooperation with them, to communicate, as the horses can work for helpers – and because I’m happy to ride competitions. It is important that the horse is positive and cooperative and that I have a horse that is sound, healthy and doing well. Then it is easier to make the horse perform when needed, also in competitions.”

”I used to spend such a lot of time finding out how to feed my horses the best way as possible. It was difficult to find out, there were many possibilities and – well, it was not easy. I needed to be sure that the horse was fed properly, so I could concentrate on horse riding and not constantly having to deal with different food trends.”

”Then I met REGULATOR COMPLETE and through them Regulator Complete®, which was the product that I had been searching for. Fairly quickly I took over the company to develop the product as I envisioned it, namely to develop a feed that contains everything your horse needs – besides good roughage, so the herdsman basically just need to keep an eye on the horse’s body condition.”

”I knew nothing about nutrition and exercise. I trained for a career as a physiotherapist and practiced as such for more than 25 years, but I knew absolutely nothing about for example biochemistry. I needed an experienced TEAM of experts who could develop Regulator Complete® and I found it! And today we have an improved version of Regulator Complete®, which has made it easier to be a horse owner. ”

On Regulator Complete’s® website there is a lot of information on feeding horses available to you.

Use us

REGULATOR COMPLETE can help you getting into contact with external consultants, which have a long theoretical and / or practical background in dealing with horses.

“If you have a problem with your horse, please feel free to contact us either by mail, on Facebook or by telephone. Our TEAM relies on what is scientifically proven and at the same time we make sure that everything is as simple as possible to use. We will help you as much as possible, so you can concentrate on the main things: to ride and improve yourself and your horse. “