Tip electrolytes

We all know that when the horse is sweating, it needs electrolytes, but is it possible to overdose a horse with electrolytes? Yes, it’s a really good question especially on hot summer days. To add a supplementation of electrolytes to the feed is part of everyday life for a high performance horse. It is always an estimation of how much to add, since the instructions sometimes can be a bit difficult to understand. How do I know how much my horse has been perspiring – and if it gets too many electrolytes, am I then doing damage to my horse?

At Kentucky Equine Research, they have examined what happens, if the horse gets too many electrolytes than needed. The conclusion was that if too many electrolytes have been added, the horse will drink more water to wash away the excess and if the horse’s kidneys are healthy and well, the excess of electrolytes is excreted in the horse’s urine and the balance is restored. If you follow the manufacturer’s recommendations and make sure that your horse always has access to fresh and clean water, you can be sure it excretes the excess of electrolytes itself.


NEVER add electrolytes on an empty stomach.

If the horse has got sores in or around the mouth, then rinse with cold water.

Mix the electrolytes into the horse’s feed.